Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the first

I've always been one to listen to the lyrics. Of course, at first I'm drawn to the melody or the beat but then I listen to the words. Since having children, the words have taken on even more meaning. Since Keely's passing, the sad songs sting deeper. One of the first songs that I associated with Keely was "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional. Some of the words don't fit but enough of it does that it'll always be her song. Specifically, for the reasons explained in bold...

We watch the season pull up its own stakes
And catch the last weekend of the last week
Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced,
Another sun soaked season fades away(she was due in September, the end of summer)

You have stolen my heart (self explanatory)

Invitation only, grant farewells
Crush the best one, of the best ones
Clear liquor and cloudy eyed, too early to say goodnight (this line in particular gets me everytime)
You have stolen my heart
And from the ballroom floor we are in celebration
One good stretch before our hibernation
Our dreams assured and we all, will sleep well (as does she)

You have stolen
You have stolen my heart
I watch you spin around in the highest heels
You are the best one, of the best ones
We all look like we feel

You have stolen my
You have stolen my heart

Steal our hearts she did.

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