Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A day to remember...

October 15th

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

A wave of light will sweep the world at 7 pm across all time zones

In loving remembrance of the beautiful little souls who passed through this world far too quickly.

Light a candle at 7 pm and remember with all of our broken hearts.


Friday, October 4, 2013

In remembrance...

Time has marched on.  In the time since I last posted, Keely has become a big sister once again.  Though this time, it's a bit different.  Our only other daughter was born.  Keely now has a sister of her own.  She came to us safely July 31st.  She's beautiful and an old soul.  So often, we wonder what should've been with her big sister; what kind of bond might they have had.  What kind of bond might they have now that we can't possibly understand?

We also built and moved into our forever house.  We have a beautiful garden in the works for Keely.  I love having a place just for her right in our yard.  Her grave is an hour and a half away from us.  While I'm glad she's buried with my grandmother, it hurts not being able to visit her everyday.  Now we have a place of remembrance and that makes my heart sing.  The anchor of her garden is a weeping cherry tree.  Perfect.

We are preparing for the holidays and have decided to do a random act of kindness each day for the month of November.

So often throughout November, we are reminded to be grateful.  Our family has been so blessed.  Yes, we've had heartache and miss a member of our family everyday, but we had her.  And that means we're lucky.  We have each other and plenty to eat.  We have our health and love and so many other things.  We want to spread our gratitude out.  Each day in November, we'll do one random act of kindness to reach out to someone else.  We're starting a list and making a schedule.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to make it not always about money, but about time and thought.

Some of our plans include:
~drawing pictures for people at Great Grandma's nursing home.
~picking up trash at a park
~buying a coffee for the person in line behind or in front of us
~donating time at a community kitchen
~packing care packages for soldiers and families of soldiers
~donating old toys

I look forward to documenting our month of kindness on Keely's blog and hoping that it catches on.  We'd love to hear more ideas!

Though she's gone from this earth, her spirit lives on.