Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 random things

A post has been floating around Facebook where you post 25 random things that people might not know about you. I decided to do the same for Keely:

1. She's buried with a blue stuffed angel because I was so sure she was a boy.
2. She was born with her beautiful blue eyes open.
3. She is buried next to my beloved grandmother, Marney.
4. She weighed 1 lb 3 oz. but most likely lost weight after death, before birth. She was huge for her age!
5. My feet were crossed at the arches in the hospital bed and the nurse asked if I sat that way often (I do) because Keely's feet kept crossing that way when they tried to get her footprints.
6. She died at 11:20 am. 04/02/07
7. She was born at 8:55 pm. 04/11/07
8. She had wisps of white, white hair.
9. She was buried April 14th, 11 years to the day from my baptism.
10. Her nickname in utero was Baby Cree.
11. She is the only one of our 3 children we didn't know the gender of before birth.
12. Boston got to hold her.
13. She is named for my sisters (oldest's middle name is Rae, middle's middle name is Keely).
14. After her birth, we read "I Love You As Much" to her, just as we read to her brother every night. The last page says "Now sleep, child of mine, while the stars shine above. I love you as much as a mother can love"
15. The bouquet on her casket was white roses and lilies of the valley, the same as my wedding bouquet.
16. 62 bouquets were sent to her funeral.
17. Macy's will always make me think of her. That's where we found much of what she's buried with as well as what I wore to the funeral.
18. Her headstone is emerald green, which is hard to see in the photos.
19. We (hubby and I) designed her stone.
20. It was 30 degrees the day she was buried.
21. While in early labor, we watched the Style Network wedding show, trying to be distracted.
22. She wore a little pink robe in the hospital. The funeral home laundered it so she could be buried in it and we could keep her little pink dress.
23. The imprint of a foot on her life announcements are almost exactly the same size as her footprints.
24. I have a tattoo of pink angel wings on my right shoulder for her.
25. A little angel carrying lilies of the valley was stolen from her grave last year.


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful insight into your little girl. I have tears reading this, so similar and yet not similar to our baby girl.