Thursday, May 28, 2009

another good bye

You never really know how people will react to the death of a baby. I definitely believe people show their true colors. People you don't expect much of really come through and others you had hoped to lean on are no where to be found. We are so blessed in that many people came through for us, showing their true, beautiful colors. One of those people was my great aunt Marie, my paternal grandmother's sister. She also happened to be my maternal grandmother's good friend as a girl. She sent us a sweet card, a beautiful bouquet to the funeral and also came herself. She cried with us and prayed for us. I was told that she spoke of Keely and her service right up until her own death earlier this week. Last night, we paid our respects and said goodbye in the very same funeral home that we closed Keely's casket in. I'm sure Keely greeted her at the gates.

Rest in peace. You're presence will be missed.

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