Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my poem for Keely

I wrote this poem months after she died.

Keely Rae
I miss the piano player fingers and ballerina feet
Of the perfect little girl we waited so long to meet.
Big brother says he loves you and he wants to play
With his little sister in Heaven he hopes to meet one day.
She had her daddy’s chin and her auntie’s big blue eyes,
We can all feel you visit us, but now it’s in disguise.
Black and golden butterflies, the wind gust through my hair,
My little girl in Heaven, with Jesus I will share.
So many things we’ll miss and things we’d wished to see.
We’ll mourn our loss everyday; too many broken dreams.
But our angel watches over us, I can almost see her face.
We’ll meet again, some sweet day, at Heaven’s perfect gates.
We know you’re happy, Keely Rae, and that we shouldn’t cry,
for there’s no need to dance when you have wings and you can fly.

~mama, 2007


  1. Aly, this is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful of you to share this beautiful, heartfelt poem with us. thank you.

  2. That is such a beautiful poem and tribute, Aly.