Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keely's balloon release

I've put off this post because it seems so emotionally taxing. That's horrible, isn't it? I always want her birthday to be a day to celebrate her life and the balloon release always brings tears. What is it about a bunch of balloons sailing off into wherever that brings out such emotion? Boston talks about them sailing to Heaven, to Keely; maybe that's it. Maybe it just feels good to be "sending" her something.
The day she was born and the day she was buried were unseasonably cold days, dark and dreary. It was that way on last years balloon release as well; coat weather. This year was different. It was a bit chilly but so sunny and bright. It was windy and the balloon sailed quickly. I passed off the camera to my sister and she took some beautiful pictures...
Keely's little brother slept through the whole thing and big brother was so proud. Boston chose the Powerpuff girls balloon; he was insistent that Keely would just love it. I think she did. Callum chose the butterfly balloon (with a little help from mama). We gave them kisses, said a prayer and sent them up to the birthday girl. We then celebrated life with a carrot cake made by mama and Boston, complete with a butterfly and sprinkles on top. Somehow, getting a picture escaped me :( But I will remember it.

Before we let them go, we all attached beautiful cards that were signed and colored by those that love our girl. We took pictures of each one to keep for her memory book. Her daddy's was kept private; just between him and his little girl. My father wrote a poem for her. Here are a few of the 25 we sent into the sky that day....


"Take to flight with angel wings,

and soar into the sky.

Your fair, sweet life was quickly gone,

to a greater call on high.

A short, sweet note in the song of life,

Earthtime you never knew.

A chorus sings of solemn peace,

way beyond the blue.

With God's grace, we'll someday see

Lights of eternal glow.

And greeting us at Heaven's gate,

the path that you will show.

To that great, loving throne on high,

where the Father waits for us,

May the circle be unbroken

for all the fair and blessed."

written with love by Keely's Poppy 04/2009

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