Thursday, February 12, 2009

for you, baby girl

In loving memory of Keely Rae, I've completed my first "Angel in Oil" painting. I decided to use my profession as an oil portrait artist to honor the memory of my little girl and the memories of her angel friends by doing free portraits for their heartbroken families.

How blessed I am to be a part of the lives of these angels.

I have also been honored since June 2007 to be a photographer and area coordinator for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep infant bereavement photography; also in Keely's name. Because we know, all too well how important those photos are...



  1. What a loving tribute to Keely that you create these memories for her & for other families.

  2. That is just awesome. To be able to utlise your talent to help bereaved parents in such a way, to capture their little ones for them on canvas. Very, very cool. Keely is no doubt proud of you.

    Missing Keely and Janaki ...

    p.s. I had a chuckle at 'vegan republican - that's not a typo' =)