Sunday, December 27, 2009

secret admirer strikes again

We visited Keely's grave Christmas Eve as soon as we got into town, before we even got to my parents' house. We lit our candle and shed some tears. While my heart is full always, even at the holidays, I miss my girl and wonder what mischief she'd be causing alongside her brothers. Christmas day, we went back to the cemetery; this time, to find a single sprig of lilies of the valley that had been tucked into the ground next to her stone. Upon arriving back at my parents house, we asked my family members if they'd stopped by to see Keely and left a gift. Nope, none of them. We assumed it was none of my in laws but asked anyway; no, none have ever been to see her headstone or visit her, nevermind on Christmas. So again, stranger, thank you. I think. I love that she has touched someone's heart and is visited when I can't be there but I do wonder who you are.

Possibly by chance the lilies of the valley were chosen, but there is significance in my own heart. Lilies of the valley have always been my favorite flower. I carried them in my wedding bouquet along with three hand blown glass lilies of the valley. They were tucked into the white roses on Keely's casket in the bouquet from Sam, Boston and I.

"For a Special Granddaughter; Every time we call out 'Merry Christmas', another angel smiles and hovers near. Merry Christmas to one of God's brightest and best blessings. Love, Nana & Poppy" ~Keely's card from my parents, her Nana and Poppy in her stocking at Christmas


  1. The unkindnesses hit so hard, but the sweet things people do have power just as strong—thank you for sharing this.