Friday, June 5, 2009

She went with us...

We took our living children to Walt Disney World a few weeks ago. I had always been so excited to think of taking my children there one day, several times even. While I'll never get to take ALL of my children the way I thought I would, they were all there with us. We faced a ton rain but that didn't stop us from having an amazing time, celebrating how lucky we are to have what we do. Boston was insistent that Keely was there already <3 We wanted to release a pink balloon in her honor but on the day we planned to do so, lots of wind kept the vendors from being out. Sam asked a couple of Disney employees where we might be able to purchase a balloon. One of the employees went into a storage area to get us a balloon, even asking what color we'd prefer. She asked who it was for and after my husband told her, she insisted it was on the house. After kisses from each of us and a silent prayer, we sent her balloon up above Cinderella's castle (or as Boston says, Mickey's castle). The other Disney employee saw the balloon go and ran over to ask if that was ours and if we let it go on purpose. I thought we were going to get scolded for letting it go but when Sam told him it was ours and we did it on purpose, he just smiled sweetly. I now think he was going to replace it if it wasn't on purpose. I can't say enough for the good spirits and genuine kindness of 99.9% of the people and especially employees at Disney. It is why I adore that place; there's nowhere else like it on earth. As her pink balloon sailed away, Boston called to it "bye balloon, give Keely a kiss for me!"

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