Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where I've been...

I have been very absent from the blog, but of course, Keely is never off my mind.

We've moved. We've moved from the home she "lived" in. We've moved from the home we grieved in, in those early, darkest hours. We've left the town she was born and died in, the doctors who cared for her, her name on the brick outside the hospital.

It's been far more emotional than I could've imagined, though I knew it would be hard. It's something that's right for our family. If Keely were alive, she'd be nervous and excited as her brothers are. We've put up Christmas decorations, her stocking, her things. We've brought her with us, but it's hard leaving those places too.

We've decorated her grave (we're still about an hour from her grave, just in a different direction now) for Christmas. Beautiful white, sparkly tree and white sparkly wreath on her purple shepherd's hook, which wouldn't be complete without a pink butterfly too.

This has been a hard year for the family. My grandmother, then 6 weeks later my grandfather, both called Home. Greeted by a great granddaughter. I miss them all dearly. The holidays, while lit up with the sweet faces of my living children, are still missing the light of those gone on before us. Someday we'll understand.



  1. Wishing you well in your settling in—hope the new place feels like home. Wishing you warmth and light in the settling darkness of this hard year.

  2. Aly,
    Keely knows that you need to do the very important job of raising her siblings, the other bright souls, and that moving to other places on Earth is likely to be part of that. It is my belief that our children are not tied to places, although sometimes it might seem so, but they are tied to us, as they watch us go through all of our lives before joining them. Most of the time, I think Daniel watches his sibs in college, and sometimes I believe I feel him here, with me and my husband. I am pretty sure his spirit was with me in Canada. Keely is a part of you wherever you go, wherever you move, and always will be. Everything on Earth falls away except for the love we have here, which connects us to one another,and endures throughout eternity. I wish you happiness in your new home and I find your blog and the music you have chosen inspiring on my sad days. www.learnedfromdaniel.blogspot.com