Friday, September 17, 2010

even from Heaven, little sisters can annoy their brothers

We just returned from a trail at a local park. The entire time we were there (3 hours) a big black butterfly with blue on it fluttered around my oldest son's face. Butterfly was essentially annoying him to no end. He told me he was pretty sure it was Keely ::giggles::


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  1. It may have been. You may see that you think of Keely whenever you see butterflies from now on. They will a remembrance symbol of sorts.
    I have had many moments since my father's passing 25 years ago when I felt he was there, in the room with me. And whenever I see hawks doing their lazy circles in the sky, I think of him. He always pointed them out, and we kids would say "so?" but of course now we're glad he did.
    Good luck and much love on your journey.