Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter and an angel day

We had originally planned to have her celebration on her angel day since I was going to be racing on her birthday but when I had to drop the race due to a 3rd degree muscle tear, we decided to switch it back to her birthday and I've found that to be such a relief. I like being able to celebrate her birthday and would rather it just be us for her angel day because it tends to be the most emotionally sad day for me. I like to think of her birthday as our chance to hold her and celebrate her life and remember the immense relief upon laying her to rest (such a strange sensation). So Friday, we're going up to the cemetery and instead of leaving a bundle of pink roses that will eventually die and I'll have to collect them and throw them away, we're going to get two bags of rose petals and throw them into the wind around her headstone. They can fly all over the place and we don't have to worry about dead flowers there, but some might stick around for a bit <3 We had pink and white rose petals lining the aisle at our wedding as well.

Kind of as a sidenote: We've started a tradition where each year, in Keely's Easter basket, there's a new Easter decoration for us to put up in the house. That way, we collect some fun things to decorate our house and not everything that reminds us of Keely is a "sad" thing.

On Friday at 11:20 am, it will have been 3 years since we watched that beautiful heartbeat stop and our world forever changed. We love, love, love you little girl. We miss you times a thousand, but love you even more.

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