Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have plans for Keely's 3rd birthday. They were kind of made for me.

I'm a marathoner and our town is planning its inaugural full marathon for next spring. Last week, the date was announced: April 11th, Keely's 3rd birthday. I deliberated for a long time if I would feel like racing on her day and have decided to run, but run it in her honor. I will wear a tank that shows her angel wings on my shoulder and paint "running for our angels" across the back of my arms. If I am able to get permission from them, I'll have the MISS Foundation's website on the back of my shirt, along with Keely's name and date. I feel so good about this now. I can be active in my grief and maybe even spread a little awareness to my little girl's life and passing. I kind of feel like it was fate. We'll still have her balloon release as usual on Saturday and I'll run on Sunday. I only hope she'll be running with me <3

'Ask yourself: "Can I give more?". The answer is usually: "Yes". 'Paul Tergat

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