Thursday, August 28, 2014


From the very early days of Keely's death, I wanted people to know that I wouldn't give back the time we had with her to take away the pain.  Her life MEANT something, to us and to many others.

I want to say how very lucky we are.  We've had our downs.  Obviously, if we could have all of our children in our arms, we would.  But that isn't the hand that was dealt and still?  We are very blessed.

I read the following on Facebook today....  "Life couldn't possibly get worse."

That's like tempting fate, if you ask me.  It can ALWAYS get worse.  Nothing negative ever came from counting your blessings.

I am beyond grateful for my children.  Even though we buried one of our beloved, we have 4 beautiful living children and 1 beautiful angel.

For every mother who's children fight tooth and nail constantly, there's someone wishing their child was there to throw toys around the living room.
For every mother who's buried her child, there's a woman wishing she could get pregnant at all.
For every couple struggling with infertility, there's a woman wishing she could find the love of her life to try with.

There is always someone praying for what you already have.

I have moments of ingratitude but I hope that my legacy as a whole, both to my family and to strangers I pass on the street is one of gratitude and love.

How's that saying go?

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be kind always."

(thank goodness for google or I'd never quote anything right!

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  1. I just lost my son in June 2014...sounds like you understand. I wanted to say I'm very sorry for this pain we share.