Monday, June 13, 2011

another goodbye, for now...

My beloved Gramps has gone to be with my Marney and my Keely. He died peacefully, in his sleep in the dark of night. Another unexpected goodbye.

It's so strange that when your child dies, it can feel at times that her life was a dream. I have to remind myself that it really happened. My child really was here. She really died.

When someone that has been a part of life since my own birth day dies, the death feels like a dream. I have to remind myself of the reality that he is gone.

So suddenly and so final. So familiar.

My Gramps, who taught me magic tricks and a positive outlook, how to bake persimmon pudding and drive a tractor, who now is reunited with my Marney and met Keely. My Gramps, so very missed.

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